Monday, 4 June 2012


Hi friends, I'm once again with a new and awesome facebook trick. This is very cool and interesting trick for facebook users. Actually i decided to find this trick when one of my best friend unfriend me on facebook and when i asked her why you unfriend me then she replied that she didn't do this. Then i want to know is she saying true or not and finally i come to know that she was right, she didn't unfriend me. It was an app which did this. So i advise you to not to use any fake app on facebook. You can also check your Pending Request. Ok now my trick is to find who unfriend you or not on facebook. Just follow these simple steps....

STEP 1.-
First of all, You need A Pc with any of given browser installed on it (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari)

STEP 2.-
Now visit this link from your browser.

STEP 3.-
Here you'll get an extension for your browser with full installation steps. Just follow them & install UNFRIEND FINDER on your browser.

STEP 4.-
After you installed facebook Unfriend Finder Extension on your browser then just restart it.

STEP 5.-
Now goto & login to your account, here you'll see one more option i.e. Unfriends [e.g I'm using GOOGLE CHROME and a screenshot is given below] 

STEP 6.-
Just click on it and see who unfriended you on fb, you can also check who ignored your friend request & who deactivated his/her account, etc via notifications.

[Note - You can use this trick only on that browser on which you have installed this UNFRIEND FINDER extension]

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