Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to add your Place/Business on Google maps

Hey want to add your Home,Business or any other place on Google maps like I have added my location

To Do this Follow these Instruction

Step 1 :- Go to Google Places for Business Click Here to Start listing on Google maps ( Wait for 5 sec to skip ad)

Step 2 :- Log in with your Gmail ID and Password.

Step 3 :- Select your Country and Enter your Mobile No and Press Enter.

Step 4 :- You will get a window like this.
Step 5 :- Fill all the Form then in Map choose Fix incorrect marker locaion

Step 6:- Drag the marker to correct location on the map and click on Save change

Step 7:- Now Submit the Form

Verify your mobile Number

Enjoy and wait for get indexed on Google map  


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