Thursday, 4 October 2012

How to connect Internet on Computer using Android Mobile (Tethering)

Hey Guys do you want to connect Internet on your Desktop or Laptop using Android Mobiles Via USB or Wifi. Just follow these Simple steps and get connect to Internet on your PC using Android. Commonly known as Tethering.

Step 1:- Connect Internet on your Android Mobile( Using your Mobile Packet Data or Wifi ).

Step 2:- Connect your Android mobile to PC using Data Cable.

Step 3:- Open Setting of your Android and select Wireless and network.

Step 4:- Select Tethering and Portable hotspot.

Step 5:- Check USB tethering(To connect using USB Need to Install Samsung USB Driver) and Portable Wi-Fi hotspot(To use Mobile as WiFi Hub).

Enjoy you are Now connected to Internet.

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