Sunday, 10 June 2012

Run Mobile Java Applications on Computer

Mobile applications/games based on java have .jar format. So, it not possible to run thsese type of app directly on computer. First of all, Why do we want to run these app on computer, as these these can easily run on mobile? Well, to try the apps before installing/transferring on mobile handset and this saves a lot of time for me.
In order to run app. on PC we have two options, either to convert .jar into .exe format and then run it directly or may be running it with emulator installed on PC. Both option will work.

So lets start with downloading an emulator from here MidpX (wait for 5 sec to Skip Ad), its a freeware. This software has both options i.e. you can either convert your jar midet to Windows PE format or you can directly run app with the help of emulator. After downloading install MidpX.

After installation MidpX will automatically associate with .jar files, making your work more easy! Now double click on the required app. and it will start running in emulation mode.
Here is the screen shot of emulation of Opera Mini:

As you can see in the screenshot, there is full mobile emulation through which you can control the app.
Further to convert .jar app to .exe you can follow these steps:
1. Start the app directly, you will see two windows one will be black cmd window and other will be mobile emulation window as shown above.
2. Close the black cmd window before closing the emulation window.
3. You will get the .exe file in the same folder.
You can directly run this .exe file on any computer, without installing MidpX.


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