Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Copy Data from Scratched CD’s or DVD’s using CopyCat

Copy Cat is cool and handy software for copying items from a scratched DVD or a CD . Copy cat is created by VCSoftwares or Vicky Cool Softwares. This software simply copies out the maximum possible damaged bytes which a normal windows copying can not do , hence you can easily copy all matter in the scratched cd or dvd in a less time.  So, If you think you have one or want to download then you can download it with easy and it's FREE too and Download it for the future.

To download this Cool Software click here

Problem in Downloading click here to know how to Download

Key Features that make this software ideal for use are

  1. Copies your oldest collection of CD's and DVD's
  2. It even tries to copy highly damaged media from byte to byte
  3. It gives you an option to skip the bytes if any bad area found
  4. It is very fast and quick data recovery tool


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