Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Transfer Balance in BSNL working trick

 Gifting of Talktime.
 As per the instructions from BSNL Corporate Office, a feature called ‘Gifting of  talk time “is now made available for the benefit of GSM Prepaid subscribers of BSNL within the same Circle .Through this a prepaid subscriber can transfer talk time from his prepaid amount to another prepaid subscriber
of BSNL within the same circle in multiple of Rs.10/-[  from Rs 10/- to Rs.200/-]. Detailed procedure of how to gift talk time is given below

                       Procedure  for  Gifting of Talktime.                    

1. Gifting of talk time means a prepaid subscriber can transfer some talk time
from his prepaid account to another prepaid subscriber of BSNL ,within the
same circle . To avail this service the subscriber has to have a minimum
of Rs.200/- balance in his account .

2. Prepaid subscriber can gift to another prepaid subscriber of BSNL  , from  
      Rs.10/- to Rs.200/- in multiples of Rs.10/- .

3. To register for availing the feature of “ gifting of talk time” subscriber has to send an SMS “ REGISTER PTOP” to 54455 .Then the subscriber will be intimated a  six digit password through SMS to his mobile .54455 is a toll free short code

4. To gift the talk time the subscriber has to send SMS to 54456 in the following
      format . [ The SMS to 54456 is chargeable ]

  Example :  To gift a talk time of Rs.50/- to a number 9440000123 , the following SMS has to be sent to the short code 54456 .

            “  GIFT  9440000123  50  XXXXXX ”

5. To deregister ,subscriber has to send SMS “  DEREGISTER  PTOP “ to 54455 .

6. A fee of  10% subject to a minimum of Rs.3/- will additionally be deducted from the prepaid account of gifting subscriber .

7. Gifting can be done by the subscriber maximum 5 times in a month .

 8. Talk time transfer from GSM PCO will not be allowed .                


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