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7 Best Google Search Tricks

Google is the Best Search Engine on Internet till now. But we use it only for searching anything in Normal way. Today I will tell you that how to take full advantage of its search abilities. There are so many Google search tricks and tips, which most of the users don’t know or never used on Google search. There’s so much more you can do with the Google search such as track you package, get info on Movie showtimes, track a flight, solve math calculation with Google search and many more. yes all these things you can do from the Google search with a single click, so today we come with the post in which we let you know about some of the best Google search tricks which no one will ever tell you.

With the help of this guide you can improve you Google search skills and use the Google search in proper way. All of this Google search tips and trick are so handy that anyone can use them on Google search without facing any problem. So check out the Google search tips and tricks below.

1. Track UPS, USPS, and FedEx Package from Google Search


Want to track your UPS, USPS, and FedEx Package, just go tot he Google search and type the tracking number of the package and within a second Google will create you a link in which you can all the details of your package and where your box is.

2. Check Weather and Time


Planning to trip for the holiday and want to know the weather info of the country or the time. No need to worry you can do this easily from your Google search button. With this way you can check how beautiful the weather is in that country. To check the weather just type Weather city name on your Google search and you will get the current temperature, a 7-day forecast.

Same command for the time, just type the time city name and you will get the current time of the City, along with details on which time zone it’s in.

3. Do the Maths with Google Search


With Google search you can calculate and convert almost anything. Solve you maths problems, convert units and lots more. No need to enter special command or phrase to do the maths in Google search. Just type “2 x 2″ and Google search will give you the answer 4. You can solve lots of maths problems such as 5*5-3 (22) and 5*(5-3) (10)

Same method for the measurement and convert units. Just type “1 mile to km” and Google will answer your question.

4. Track a Flight


Works same the Track package Google search feature. Just type the the airline and flight number into the search box and hit the search button on Google search and you will get all the detail of your flight.


5. Use Google Search as a Currency Converter


Facing problem to convert the currency, don’t worry Google is your best friend to do this. All you have to do is use the Google search feature, just type 1 USD in Rs and you will see the result on the Google search page, including a history of the currency’s relative strength.


6. Check local movie showtimes


Want to watch some movie in theater, but don’t know the timing of the movie and where to watch. Go to Google search and find all the details about the movie. Just type the movie name with your ZIP code to get all the details.

7. Get definitions


Looking for the meaning of the word, use the define command in Google search to know about the word. Here you cam get the definition of any word you can imagine. All the result dome from Results could come from Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WordNet and more. Just try Search “define: Computer” on your Google search and you can see all the results.

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