Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Use Facebook Stickers on Your Facebook Web Chat

Facebook stickers are the best and most popular feature in Facebook mobile messenger. Now the same Facebook Stickers are available for the Facebook Web users, that means now you can also use the Facebook stickers on your Facebook chat. Facebook stickers are different from the Smiley and Emoticons, Stickers are detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Facebook launched these Stickers in April for the Mobile messenger and now it was also available for the Facebook web users. You can use these stickers from your Facebook chat windows. With the helps of these Facebook sticker you can share how you’re feeling with your friends and what you thing about them and nice way to communicate with your friends and family members.

You can use these stickers on your web chat, no need to download or activate anything on your Facebook profile. This was the inbuilt feature of the Facebook and available for all Facebook users. Follow the below guide to send a sticker from you Facebook web chat.

How to Use Facebook Stickers On Your Facebook Chat

As I mention above that Sticker are not like the emoticons, they are larger, bigger, elaborate and character-driven. Login to your Facebook with your username and password. Now from the Facebook chat start a chat with your online Facebook friends to send sticker on your web chat. Now from the Facebook chat window click on the Smiley icons that you used to send smiley or emoticons. Now on this section you can find some new Facebook Stickers.

Here in this section you can find lots of new stickers, Scroll to see the available stickers. Now select the sticker which you want to send to your friend and hit the enter button on your Facebook chat.

You can also download more Facebook stickers on your Facebook chat, to do this click on the basket in the top right to download more stickers. Now you can see lots of Facebook stickers on the new pop windows, from here you can download some Facebook stickers on your Facebook.

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