Friday, 25 October 2013

Earn Money With Android Mobile Lock Screen

Locks are many but the key to earn money is MAdLock.

MAdLock is an Android lock screen application which displays beautiful ads on the Lock screen of a Smartphone as well as you can earn up-to Rs.300 per month by installing and using it. User will earn by just viewing the ads.

You can redeem money in the following ways
1 - Transfer to your Bank Account
2 - Mobile Prepaid Top Up
3 - Mobile Bill Payment
4 - Gift Voucher

Feature List
1. Advertise based on interest areas.
2. Creative Ad Wallpapers for Lock screen. 
3. Engage with your favourite ads. 
4. Get paid as you unlock. 
5. Participate in Lucky draw, discount coupons, poll, and surveys and get rewarded. 
6. Refer your friend to get bonus. 
7. Redeem and spend your Money in the form you wish: mobile balance, bank transfer, donations to charitable institutions.

To Install MADLock App on your Mobile just follow simple steps given below :-

Step 1 :- Just go to Google Play Store -> Enter MAd Lock in the Search Box -> Click on the MAd Lock icon and select Install. OR Click Here to Download it from Play Store. When installation get completed you will get two icon.
1:- MADLock
2 :- MADLock Manager As show in Image below in Red Square.

Step 2 :- Open MADLock Manager and Click on Sign Up.

Step 3 :- Fill all the Boxes

Name :- Enter your Name
Email ID:- Enter your Email ID
Password:- Choose a Password for MADLock Account
Date of Birth:- Your Date of Birth
Gender:- Choose your Gender.
Pin:- Enter any Six digit Code.
Referral Code:- 928KMJ (NOTE:- By using this Referral Code will Give you Rs20 Instantly in your MADLock account.)

Step 4 :- Now GoTo Interest Menu in MADLock Manager.

Step 5 :- Update your Interest area, so you can get you ads related to your interest by choosing cotagories and Mark your interested filed in every section and click on Update.

Step 6:- Now Close MADLock Manager and Open MADLock to activate MADLock locker on your Smartphone.

Left your mobile DATA connection on for few minutes so that MADLock can get some ads to show you on your Smartphone. To Earn money you have to engage with ads shown on your mobile Lock Screen to Engage with ads you have to Drag the lock on Simile below the lock.

Enjoy Earning

Your Earning will Update on Next day. You can see your Earning in Money section in MADLock Manager.  
For any help comment or you can Goto Help menu in MADLock manager

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