Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to activate Windows 8 pro

Hey Many of you are Not able to use all feature of Windows 8 Pro like can't able to change Account Pic and much more.
If yes than you are at right place. Here I will tell you how to activate Windows 8 Pro to unlock all features of Windows 8.

Follow these Simple Steps to get your Windows 8 Activated.

Step 1:- Download Windows 8-Pro-Final crack by Clicking here.

Step 2:- Extract the Zip file and Run the Program P8_v25.exe.

Step 3:- The Program will get Extracted Automatically. If it requires to Restart your PC than do that.

Step 4:- When all process Completed Successfully you will Get a Dialog Box with Message "Your Windows 8 Activated Successfully"

Now go and Check you will able to use all Function of Windows 8. Don't forgot to Share it.


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