Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How to Change Your Gmail Email Address

People changes their email address for lots of reasons, some didn’t like the name they first created for the email address and some decided they need a more professional email address. And some want to change it because they are married and want a new address to match their new name. So today in this guide we let you know how you can change your Gmail address without losing any incoming email from your last account. Remember currently Gmail didn’t provide any option to change the Gmail address, but with this simple trick you can create you new email address and receive all the incoming mails from your old email ID to new one. So this way you can change the Gmail address easily without losing your friends and contacts. The trick is simple and it will take only 10 to 20 minutes to complete the process. Follow the below mention steps one by one to complete the process successfully.

Steps to Change Gmail Address

Suppose your old email id is abcd@gmail.com and you want to change that email id to newabcd@gmail.com. First thing you have to do is create a new email ID from the Gmail sign up page. Go to Gmail Sign up page here and create your new account with the new email ID newabcd@gmail.com.

Once you created the new Gmail account, now it turn to sync all your old gmial account abcd@gmail.com contacts to new one. Here is the complete guide which helps you to sync contacts between Gmail accounts. Now all your old email contacts are restored on your new Gmail account. After that go to your new GMail account and send a mail to all your friends that you changes your email ID and this one is your new email ID.
Or you can use the forward option on your old gmail account abcd@gmail.com to forward all new incoming mail to your new gmail account ID newabcd@gmail.com. To do this go to your old GMail account setting page and Forward all your new incoming emails to the new address newabcd@gmail.com. Read this guide how to forward all your incoming messages automatically. With this way you can’t miss anything as you make the switch between gmail accounts.

That’s it now all you old account emails are forwarded to your new Gmail account and all your contacts are also imported to your new Gmail account.


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