Sunday, 16 December 2012

How To Use mobile as a Wireless Speaker on PC

Hey do you Want to use your Android mobile as a Wireless Speaker on PC. If Yes than you are on right place. Its very simple and Nice trick you have to just follow some Steps.

Step 1:- Download and install SoundWire on your PC. Click here to Download.

Step 2:- Now Download SoundWire on your Android Device from Play StoreClick Here.
Step 3:- Switch on your Bluetooth and WiFi on your Mobile as well as on PC and Pair both.

Step 4:- Open SoundWire on PC and on Your Android Device.

Step 5:- Enter Server Address on your Android as you will get on SoudWire on PC.

Step 6:- Tap on SoundWire Icon on your Android Device and See Status on PC as Connected.

Enjoy wireless Speaker
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